October 07, 2011

Lupus Now Magazine: Fall 2011 Preview

The fall issue of Lupus Now will be mailing soon! Check out our editor-in-chief's preview of the issue and if you're not a subscriber, please visit www.lupusnow.org to sign up.

If you move often because of your or your spouse’s job, or because of military reassignments, you will need to plan ahead for your medical needs in a new location. Our “Big Move” Wellness article gives tips on how to make this process easier.

It’s crucial for your lupus health care providers to communicate with one another—and with you. In “Connect the Dots,” a variety of lupus specialists share their thoughts on the importance of coordinated health care.

In a comprehensive wellness program, nutrition plays a key role. We are so impressed with one young woman, Jessica Goldman, who has a nickname that defines her own personal journey with lupus. Find out how her decisions to change her diet have touched many others, in our cover story.

Children with lupus tend to miss a lot of school. And every day they miss puts them at risk for falling behind the rest of the class. Our feature on Individualized Education Plans and 504 Plans explains how these two important programs can assure that children with lupus achieve their educational goals.

In “Helping Hands” we interviewed four remarkable individuals who share the ups and downs of being a caregiver. Whether you care for a parent, child, or spouse with lupus, we have information you’ll want to know.

Does the cold weather make you want to hibernate? Rejuvenate instead, with our “Out of Hibernation” tips for staying active in the winter season.

The LFA’s national research grant program has announced the recipients of the 2011-2012 program. Read about the recipients and their projects in Foundation News.

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