October 11, 2011

Video Game Can Reduce Fatigue in African-American Women With Lupus

From our latest research e-newsletter
Many people with lupus experience fatigue, which can disrupt normal daily activities. This fatigue is not necessarily due to use of medications for lupus or to inflammation. Much research indicates that appropriate exercise can be one of the most effective strategies to reduce fatigue. Wii Fit is an interactive video game system that connects to a television and allows users to participate in a variety of guided exercises. The researchers hoped to learn the effects of a 10-week, home-based exercise program, Wii Fit, on fatigue, emotional state, sleep, and pain in African-American women with lupus. This pilot study illustrates that a home-based Wii Fit exercise program is safe for use in people with lupus, and is adhered to fairly well. People with lupus should always consult a physician before beginning any regular exercise program.

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