June 09, 2011

Meet Jenny!

Jenny Thorn Palter is the editor of Lupus Now magazine and Publications Director for the LFA, and the newest contributor to the LFA blog. In addition to her pieces in the magazine, you may have seen her previous contributions to the blog during the International Lupus Congress in Vancouver last year. Jenny has been working at the LFA for 13 years. She was diagnosed with lupus in 1993.

Her blog column, “Jenny’s Notebook,” will cover a variety of topics, like living with lupus, behind-the-scene at Lupus Now, inspirational people with lupus, and much, much more. Look for her first post in the next few days, about her recent trip to the Pediatric Rheumatology Symposium sponsored by the American College of Rheumatology, where the focus was on lupus in children and adolescents.

Join me in welcoming Jenny to the LFA blog!


CaraRose said...

Welcome Jenny. Great to have you!

Della said...

Welcome Jenny! It will be nice to have some new blood around here :D

Ann U. said...

Just discovered you are doing this! Great idea. I'll be eager to read them all. Ann Utterback

Anonymous said...

Welcome neighbor ! Doing a great job telling people about LUPUS,How TO Deal and live With LUPUS(women and men). Great idea !Will be reading your comments !
Thank you