June 07, 2011

LFA Medical-Scientific Advisory Council Spotlight: Dr. David Karp

The Lupus Foundation of America looks to our Medical-Scientific Advisory Council (MSAC) for guidance in our pursuits to advance lupus research, advocacy, public policy and education. The MSAC, a group of key opinion leaders in the lupus community, offers advice and recommendations to help shape the LFA’s fight against lupus. The LFA would like to highlight these individuals as thanks for their profound contribution to our knowledge of the best avenues to support people with lupus, their families, and caregivers. The MSAC’s sincere dedication to advancing science and medicine as it relates to lupus is invaluable to our organization and the entire lupus community. This “Spotlight” will focus on their personal accomplishments in patient care, diagnosis, treatment and research.

This month's Spotlight is on Dr. David Karp: LFA’s Medical-Scientific Advisory Council Vice-Chair. Learn more about his accomplishments and research.

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