January 08, 2013

Tichina Arnold: Actress, Sister, Lupus Advocate

Tichina Arnold (R) with sister Zenay
Tichina Arnold has many credits to her name: singer and actress on shows like Martin (FOX), Everybody Hates Chris (UPN/CW), and most recently Happily Divorced (TV Land) with Fran Drescher. In 2012, she added lupus advocate and Lupus Foundation of America supporter to that growing list.

Tichina’s sister, Zenay Arnold, was diagnosed with lupus eight years ago, along with rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder (MCTD), and Raynaud’s disease. She was told there was no cure and that these diseases could lead to her demise.

“Living with lupus can be terrifying” Zenay says. “You have so many questions and are on a constant quest for answers. However, being around friends and family who understand the devastating impact of the disease can be a motivating force each day.”

Through the support of her family and friends like Kim Dansby, whom she met at a rheumatologist’s office, Zenay was introduced to resources on living well with lupus. As her disease became better managed, she became determined to give back to others who are living with lupus and rally for more education, support services, and research funds. She joined Kim’s walk team at the Los Angeles Walk for Lupus Now event (now named Walk to End Lupus Now) and asked Tichina to join the fight as well.

Tichina put out the call to her more than 280,000 followers on Twitter and encouraged all of them to support the walk by donating and to learn more about lupus, a devastating and unpredictable disease. Their walk team raised over $20,000 to support the Lupus Foundation of America’s efforts to solve the cruel mystery of lupus while giving caring support to those who suffer from its brutal impact.

However, Tichina did not stop there. While doing publicity for other projects, she always spoke out about lupus to educate the public about the disease and the Foundation. Tichina would be sure to pass out the Lupus Foundation of America’s purple awareness bracelets to everyone in the audience and encourage others to learn more.

Join Tichina and get involved with the Lupus Foundation of America. Find a chapter or walk near you today. Learn more at www.lupus.org.


Ronnie said...

Thank you so much Tichina for speaking out to raise awareness about Lupus.

Denita E. Robinson said...

As a lupus patient, I commend Tichina for using her national podium educating the masses, raising awareness, and spreading hope (wristband give-aways) across the nation. I am also grateful for the family love and demonstration of support honoring her sister Zenay. I heard Tichina on the TJMS show, and wondered how to contact her and/or her sister. Please check out www.sigmasistas.com and contact me regarding such an exchange. Living with this disease for now 16 years (practically and virtually without any medication) my message of this Dis-Ease is one of faith and power: LUPUS=Living Under the Power and Unction of a Sovereign, Supreme, Self-less Savior! Thanks, DazzlingDee (STL).

Hope Pagano said...

My name is Hope Pagano. I a 49 years old previously healthy woman who birthed two children naturally. No one in my family has Lupus, nor am I in the demographics of the typical Lupus suffer. What I did have was a medical device made of polypropelene which is manufactured using toxic chemicals that do not belong in human bodies, which triggered me to develope full blown Lupus with in 6 - 8 months of my implantation surgery.
The FDA never tested these products for adverse reactions or for any biocompatiblity in women, which I feel is criminal. What makes matters worse is no one is willing to do the research to stop or limit the use of surgical mesh to date.
I mean no disrespect when I say this, but wearing a purple bracelet is not going to make much of a difference when the pharamcutical companies refuse do do the testing needed in order to acknowledge that these medical devices can and do trigger lupus in many people. Why would they when they can profit from the cause and the cure.
We need help from a power greater than ourselves to stop what I believe will become a Lupus epedemic if keep implanting toxic devices in people.
God I pray the right person reads this comment and can help make a difference.
Most Sincerely,
Hope Pagano

DazzlingDee (STL) said...

Be encouraged Hope P. I plan to call you, but pray you use your podium to continue raising awareness -much like the Lupus foundation (thus the use and reference of the purple wristbands) tot he dangers of the polypropylene. I am certainly curious as to how this connection to the chemical and lupus was made (adverse reaction, or response to chemical, etc.) since I had not heard of this. I too am 49, birthed 2 children naturally, and the diagnosis was a shock - to say the least. At any rate, please expect a call after I visit your website (hopefundinggroup.com). Peace and keep hope alive!

Hope Pagano said...

Dazzling Dee I have vital information for you. Please do call.
Stay Strong, and don't wear the wristband on your skin as it to is made of polymers and will leach chemicals into your system especially when your temperature rises!

Susan Salazar said...

My name is Susan Salazar and I have Lupus and I live in Scottsbluff Nebraska and we have no rheumatoid arthritis doctor here or anyone with experience in lupus. Unless you travel over 300 miles. I just wish we had someone here I need all the help. The pain Doctor I go to seems to think my pain is all in my head. Just frustrated! Thanks for listening.

Denita E. Robinson said...

Susan, I feel your pain and remember all to well going through a similar process with the medical professionals when they couldn't figure things out. At any rate, the monthly newsletters (or weekly) published by the LFA are great and provide up tot he minute information on the latest research. Google the Lupus Foundation of america, add yourself tot heir list serve, and try to look up your specific type of lupus via webmd. It is a starting point. I plan to call Hope P. and you can reach me at my website www.sigmasistas.com