June 07, 2010

Summer's Just Around the Corner

People with lupus are advised to avoid over exposure to the sun and always use sunscreen when outdoors. But you need to be certain the precautions you take are really helping you. Review the Sun Safety Myths that were previously published in Lupus Now magazine.

Sun Safety Myths

There are many misconceptions about how to stay safe in the sun. Be aware of what’s not true about sun protection:

1. A beach umbrella keeps you safe from the sun.
Don’t be fooled: A large percentage of ultraviolet (UV) light bounces off the sand onto your skin, even if you’re under an umbrella. Water and snow have the same reflective effect.

2. Sunscreen with an SPF of 45 is three times more effective than an SPF of 15.
Just because the SPF is a higher number doesn’t mean it’s offering a higher degree of protection. In fact, an SPF 45 sunscreen gives only about five percent more protection than an SPF 15 screen. Also, higher-rated screens don’t last any longer than lower-rated products.

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