June 09, 2010

June is Men's Health Month!

June is Men’s Health Month and it’s time to raise awareness of lupus in men. While lupus disproportionately affects women, it can and does occur in men. In teens and adults, approximately 1 male will develop lupus for every 10 females. After the age of 50, approximately 1 man will develop lupus for every 8 women. In addition, men are more likely to develop drug-induced lupus erythematosus (DILE) because the medications that may trigger DILE are more frequently used in men.

The clinical course of lupus is similar in both women and men and physicians typically use the same therapies. However, researchers have found more severe kidney, nerve, and blood vessel disease in males compared to females.

To learn more about lupus in men, please visit the Men and Lupus section of our website


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