December 09, 2009

Holidays = Headaches

The weeks between Halloween and New Year's Eve are exciting and hectic, full of celebrations and extra errands. But if you suffer from headaches, this time of year can also mean more pain. According to a 2006 survey by the National Headache Foundation, 52 percent of respondents experienced an increase in frequency and severity of their headaches during holidays -- bad news for people with lupus, for whom headaches are a common symptom.

Determining whether your headaches are lupus-related can be difficult. Pain might indicate central nervous system involvement, but it might also result from a new treatment, disrupted dietary and sleep patterns, or stress from extra responsibility.

Learn more about headaches, and ways in which you can lessen the severity and frequency of your headaches.

taken from the Fall 2007 issue of Lupus Now magazine

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