August 24, 2009

Heading to College While Living with Lupus

At the end of summer, Sherri Long will head back to college.

Long, 21, will be entering her senior year at Temple University in Philadelphia. The Colorado native, a human biology major participating in the university's Honors Med Scholar (combined B.A./M.D.) program, will pack her books and her clothes, say goodbye to her family and friends, and return to campus, studies, and activities -- just like millions of students across the country.

But, unlike most of her peers, she faces challenges on campus beyond mastering academics and juggling an active social schedule. Long, who was diagnosed with systemic lupus when she was 12, must also make sure a support system is in place to help her deal with her illness -- no easy feat for an active young person 2,000 miles away from home.


* Taken from the Lupus Now archives

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