April 15, 2009

Lupus Now Magazine Seeks Interviewees for Upcoming Issue

The Editor of Lupus Now is seeking people to help with an upcoming issue of the magazine. We would love to interview people for the following articles.

  • Integrative Medicine: If you’re combining your prescription treatments for lupus with other therapies, like yoga or meditation or qi-dong, we’d like to learn about your success.
  • A New Prescription for Pain: Have you been managing your pain without medications? We’d love to share your secrets in this feature on drug-free ways to cope with pain.
  • Improving the Office Visit: Have you had a bad experience at a doctor’s office -- maybe just walking in the door, maybe trying to solve a payment issue? Or are you singing the praises of your doctor and his office staff? We’re looking for your stories.
  • Helpful Resources: If you have been assisted in obtaining disability benefits, or finding a physician in a new town, or getting medications you couldn’t afford, we want to let the rest of our readers know.
If one of these topics resonates with you, and if you think sharing your story might help others, please send your name and contact information, and a little bit about yourself, to lupusnow@lupus.org. Also, please write "Lupus Now Interview" in the subject line of your email.

Interviews are done by phone and will take place at your convenience over the next several weeks.

Thanks for your help!

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