February 11, 2009

"Zero in 50 ... What?!"

In the January 2009 Lupus Living enewsletter, we challenged you to share with us your ideas for trying to raise awareness about lupus, as part of the "Zero in 50" campaign.

The LFA received an impassioned video from "the LEEP Chat Channel," a young woman who is living with lupus. After reading that there had been no new drugs in 50 years, she was compelled to respond, and take action. Watch her video.

What a great video!

So that got us thinking. Are there any other budding filmmakers / videographers out there? If so, we'd love to hear from you. Send us links to your video clips, and/or email your thoughts to us at 50years@lupus.org.

You can also join the discussion on our message boards and give us your suggestions.


Shaista said...

Hi Wick, I have posted about this concept of Zero to 50 on my blog 'Lupus in Flight', to help with awareness. I think Chandra is very brave to have created this video. It is moving and unnerving. But am I wrong to wonder why we have been advised to say Thankyou in the second part of the email/video? Isn't that the whole problem with Lupus? Women are always expected to grit their teeth, smile and pretend it isn't so very bad after all. Isn't the fact that there is no new treatment after 50years the plain truth of it?

LFA said...

Hi Shaista:

Thanks for your note. It's a good comment. I have responded to you via email, as I thought my response would be too long to post in here. Hopefully it will make sense.