May 05, 2008

Summer Fun Is About To Begin

And speaking of photosensitivity, staying indoors when the sun is shining doesn't have to be a drag. With an ounce of ingenuity, you can find fun things to do with kids of all ages. Check out our list of activities for a little inspiration.

Bring the Lemonade Stand Inside
Do your kids think lemonade grows inside a can or bottle? Teach them how to make it the old-fashioned way, using water, sugar and a little muscle to squeeze the lemons. Mix in a few pureed raspberries or strawberries and pour it over ice, and you have a gourmet thirst-quencher that will rival that of any stand in the neighborhood.

Model Behavior
Make a fashion statement by putting on your own runway show -- featuring silly or fabulous ensembles from every closet in the house. Feeling more like a thespian? Act out scenes from your favorite movie -- or perform your own play or puppet show.

Piece Out
If you found it, broke it or otherwise need to get rid of it, it's suitable for a mosaic masterpiece. We're talking buttons, beads, coins, stones, broken china, colored glass and anything else you can scrounge from the dark corners of your house. Just grab the Elmer's and, for starters, adorn a terra-cotta planter. For more mosaic-inspired ideas and supplies, visit or call 404-248-9098.

That You, Moondoggie?
Why schlep all your earthly belongings to the beach when you can plan your own beach party or luau at home? Don floral shirts or grass skirts, serve tropical fare, and rent a few classic DVDs (think Jaws, Point Break, Beach Blanket Bingo, even Finding Nemo) from your local Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.

Seize the Moment
What better way to celebrate the summer -- and all these great activities -- than by preserving the season on paper? From simple to elaborate, scrapbooking has garnered a cult-like following. Stop by your local craft store for supplies -- or just use a notebook, crayons or markers, magazine clippings and photos.

Taken from the Summer 2004 issue of Lupus Now magazine. Written by Anne Willoughby and Jessica Bizik

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Disability Blogger said...

Moondoggie, I believe, was played by James Darren. He later went on to play a role in the scifi series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in which he played a virtual simulation of a nightclub crooner who went by the name, Vic Fontaine. You have an impressive bloglist by the way. I'm starting to build one for my own site and the more I look around the more amazed I am at how many blogs there really are.