May 19, 2008

Lupus Blog Spotlight: Laughing with Mr. Lupus

Hi everyone.

Wanted to remind you that Noon today is the deadline for voting for Annie and Tom, a couple from Chicago, Illinois who are competing in the NBC TODAY Show's annual "Race to the Altar." Your vote can help Annie and Tom get married live on the show in June.

Vote for Annie and Tom:

Read their profile page:

Visit Annie and Tom’s webpage:

View all of the couples competing in the TODAY Show's "Race to the Altar:"

Lupus Blog Spotlight

Finally, I would like to turn your attention to another lupus blog. It is called Laughing with Mr. Lupus. The blogger is Carole. Let me share a little bit about her with you.

Carole is a marketing professional living and working in London. Her philosophy in life is simple ... she thinks of life as great adventure and she's an intrepid explorer. Carole has been living with the challenges of lupus for the past five years. In particular, she has found that laughter and being able to have a positive outlook is better than any course of steroids.

If you have a few moments, swing by Laughing with Mr. Lupus and say hi to Carole.

Until next time, Wick


chronic chick said...


I dont know if you watch ER, but they had a patient die from lupus on thursday night... Glad to see the awareness out there-

Tom Krieglstein said...

Hey Wick,

As Tom of Annie + Tom, we can't thank you enough for helping us. The support we've received from the Lupus community has left us humbled, speechless, and teary eyed.

Keep your fingers crossed as we find out Wednesday which of the 5 couples goes on to the next round.

Thanks again!

LFA said...

hey Tom ... thanks for reaching out to me. Appreciate that.

I don't have a way to stay in touch with you directly, so if you check back here, you can reach me at

Our fingers are crossed for you and Annie.

All the best, Wick