May 16, 2008

Fiancée with Lupus in TODAY Show Wedding Contest

Annie and Tom from Chicago, Illinois are one of five couples competing in the NBC TODAY Show's annual "Race to the Altar." Your vote today can help Annie and Tom get married live on the show in June.

Annie was diagnosed with lupus when she was 17. After she was diagnosed, Annie feared that no one would ever be able to love her completely for who she was as a person. Yet it was her chronic disease that gave Annie an inner strength and drive to succeed, all qualities that to this day Tom constantly admires about her.

Help Annie and Tom be selected as this year’s TODAY Show wedding couple by voting for Annie and Tom. The deadline for this round of voting is 12 p.m. Eastern Time this coming Monday, May 19.

Vote for Annie and Tom:

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View all of the couples competing in the TODAY Show's "Race to the Altar:"

The Lupus Foundation of America thanks you for helping Annie and Tom try to win the 2008 "Race to the Altar."

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