March 28, 2008

Spring Into Organization

Spring's rebirth of buds and leaves makes it a great time to get organized and breathe new life into our inner spaces. Taking on just a few tasks, such as getting rid of paper piles, organizing incoming mail, and bringing order to a closet, can lead to a more relaxing and stress-free spring.

With a chronic illness like lupus -- that can leave one achy and fatigued -- the idea of tackling home organization may seem quite challenging.

But professionals emphasize that organizing can be made easy by breaking down to-dos into short time installments and performing them during the time of day that you have the most energy.

Tips for Spring Tidying
  • Break tasks into five- to 15-minute time segments
  • Place cleaning items in every bathroom in your house
  • Buy two vacuums if your house has a second story
  • Have a running to-do list that gets re-prioritized daily
  • Keep a calendar and bills in a central location
  • Designate one place for keys, mail and cell phones
  • Remove newspapers from your house within a week
  • Keep two bright-colored file folders for important items on your desk and remove all unnecessary paper from the area
  • Reduce confusion by keeping just one calendar
  • Store files in open crates that are on wheels
  • Get rid of sticky notes and keep a single notebook
  • Replace hangers with hooks for quick clothes organization

* taken from the Spring 2007 issue of Lupus Now magazine. Written by Michelle Rogers Ponte.


xo swiss said...

These are some awesome tips. Great job, and thanks!

xo Swiss

chronic chick said...

Speech therpist had me throw out my sticky notes...

I needed a filing system for my post it notes....

Now I have my reminder notebook