March 14, 2008

Lupus Foundation of America's New Public Service Announcement -- Lupus: A Challenging Ailment

Good morning everyone.

Hope you've had a great week. It's been a busy one here. Very much looking forward to getting some r&r this weekend.

Saw the 1982 version of The Thing (starring Kurt Russell). Was pretty good. It's worth checking out. And I made the mistake of looking for original movie posters on eBay. Naturally, I found several I want. I may run out of wall space in my home soon.

And now to lupus news.

Wednesday's Webchat on kidneys & lupus went well. The transcript from the chat has already been posted to the site. You can read the transcript here.

We're working on the next LFA research enewsletter. If it doesn't go out this afternoon, it will go out in the early part of next week. As a reminder, you can always sign up to receive the free LFA enewsletters here.

And finally, I wanted to share another LFA public service announcement (PSA) with you. This one is brand-new and features Sarah Chalke, who plays Dr. Elliott Reid on TV's Scrubs. You may be wondering what her connection to lupus is. Randall Winston, a producer for Scrubs, has a sister with lupus.

This new PSA is called Lupus: A Challenging Ailment. Take a look.

If interested, you are more than welcome to embed this PSA on your blog.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time, Wick


Anonymous said...

We just lost a dear friend at 37 years of age due to complications of lupus. I hope the LFA can make a difference and save lives. Helping families and friends avoid losing someone they love, especially at such a young age. We will miss you Michelle, but you will never be forgotten!

Anonymous said...

So, where IS the link for the PSA?

Sophie - LFA said...

Anonymous (November 4) - The video PSA is embedded in this blog but can also be found at