February 15, 2008

Mrs. Texas 2008 Helps Raise Public Awareness About Lupus

Hi everyone.

Wherever you are … I hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day. Thought I’d jump right into lupus news this morning.

Allow me to introduce to you … Mrs. Jeannie Deakyne, Mrs. Texas 2008.

Jeannie Deakyne has worked with the Lupus Foundation of America for several years. As Mrs. Texas International 2005, Jeannie worked with the LFA as an advocate for the national platform of "Living with Lupus." Now as Mrs. Texas 2008, Jeannie will again use her position for her platform, which is to raise public awareness about lupus.

Why is she so passionate about lupus? Her mother, Debbie Panton, was diagnosed with lupus 13 years ago. Both Jeannie and her mother were featured on the Spring 2006 cover of Lupus Now magazine.

If you have the opportunity, stop by Jeannie’s website http://www.mrstexas2008.com/ and offer your support. Or just say hi.

I think that’s all the scoop from this end. Thanks to everyone who’s registered with our new message boards. As of this morning, we have more than 200 registered users. And thanks to all the lupus bloggers who continue to reach out to me. As you can see, our list of “Lupus Blogs We Read” is growing. I’ll be doing more lupus blog spotlights in the coming weeks.

For those of you here in the states, enjoy your 3 day weekend.

Until next time, Wick

Photo: Jeannie Deakyne, Mrs. Texas 2008

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