November 20, 2007

Lupus Foundation of America Chapter Spotlight: The LFA Iowa Chapter

Good morning everyone. Couple of items. One ... since this is a short work week with the Thanksgiving holiday, there will be only one blog entry. And that's today's entry. Also wanted to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving, wherever you are.

Second, I wanted to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on one of the Lupus Foundation of America's chapters. Specifically, the LFA Iowa Chapter. I am now turning the blogging reins over to them.

Until next time, Wick

Iowa's First Annual Walk for Lupus Now

The date of October 13, 2007 had been set for the LFA Iowa Chapter's Inaugural Walk for Lupus Now. Little did we know that it would rain all day, except between 9 a.m. - Noon, which was the time for the Walk. With more than 200 registered walkers, the LFA Iowa Chapter netted over $25,000. We are so very proud for what was accomplished all in the name of lupus!

The planning committee -- which consisted of 4 lupus patients, 2 parents, 1 sister of a lupus patient, and the husband of a lupus patient -- didn’t start organizing and planning the event until June. The chapter chose Kintera to organize and support the donation website, and the committee worked on finding business sponsors to help support the walk.

We reached out to those in the business community with whom we knew or had a connection. Although we were interested in getting sponsorships, our immediate goal was to bring awareness to lupus. In the process, we learned some valuable information. We found out that businesses and corporations do budgets for donations each year, so it is important to ask for their support early in the year so that they can set monies aside.

When I approached restaurants and small businesses for raffle items, I was surprised to find that some of their employees have lupus or that the people with whom I spoke knew someone who has lupus.

The Lincoln High School Drumline performed at the starting line of the Walk. Their performance pumped everyone up. Local councilman Tom Vlassis presented a proclamation from the city; a letter from Governor Chet Culver was read; and Dr. Larry Rettenmaier from the Mercy Arthritis and Osteoporosis Center spoke about advances for lupus on the horizon.

We received excellent responses from everyone who attended and was a part of the Walk. We now can look forward to a bigger and better Walk next year.

Can I say WOW, what an experience!! If you live in Iowa, we hope to see you next year.

Sara Webster
Co-Chair, IA Walk for Lupus Now 2007


milet said...

if i'm in IOWA i would join the walk. too bad lupus is not popular in the philippines.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment, Milet. Have you reached out to the lupus organizations in the Philippines? The LFA also posts international lupus resources. You can find the ones for the Philippines on this page.

I hope this is of some help.

best, Wick

milet said...


thanks, ill check it out and i would help spread the word.

i just checked it out and i was surprised that lupus foundation is on the hospital where i always go for a check up.