November 05, 2007

"Chronic Chick" Talks About Living with Lupus

Came across another blog to share with everyone. The blog, Chronic Chick Talk, is written by a woman with lupus. She describes her blog as a “ … spot … for anyone dealing with a chronic condition and anyone who wants to learn about chronic conditions.”

“Chronic Chick” has lived with lupus for more than 5 years. Her lupus caused her to have a small stroke, and it affects her nervous system. Chronic Chick Talk talks about the daily challenges of living with lupus, and how something as seemingly easy to do as going to the store to grocery shop can be difficult.

Take a moment to check out Chronic Chick’s blog. Stop by and say hey.

If you’re aware of any lupus-related blogs, or cool fund-raising events, or websites that you think I might want to know about, please feel free to share it with me at

Until next time, Wick

1 comment:

milet said...

hi wick,

i'm milet, 28 y/o, had lupus since i was 22.

and im proud to say that i am on remission. my story is in my blog.

can we exchange link ?