September 10, 2007

Making the Grade for Good Health

Here are a few tips to help make the transition from family life to college living something you can manage.

  • Make your health your primary concern.

  • Share information about your condition with school health officials and call or email your regular doctor if you have any concerns. Have him or her recommend a health care facility near your campus

  • Ask at the office for students with disabilities whether the school has nap rooms, quiet areas or other places to rest on campus.

  • Develop a good support system with roommates and classmates, as well as family and friends back home. Remember: you’re not in this alone.

  • Ease into your college routine. Start with a light course load until you get used to the campus environment. Also consider mixing in-class coursework with online classes, which may offer you more flexibility.

  • Do your best to make lifelong friendships and grow into a well-rounded young adult. It’s the best part of the college experience.

* Adapted from the Mary Dixon Lebeau article in the Summer 2006 issue of Lupus Now.

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