September 12, 2007

Clinical Trials & Lupus: Should You Participate In One?

Morning all ... LFA’s blogger-at-large, Wick Davis back again. Wanted to give you a quick reminder about this month’s Webchat. This afternoon, Wednesday, September 12, at 3 p.m. EDT, Mr. Ken Getz, the founder and Board Chair of CISCRP, the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation, will host a Webchat on Clinical Trials & Lupus.

CISCRP is a non-profit organization focused on educating and informing the public about clinical research participation. CISCRP is not involved in recruiting patients for clinical trials nor is it involved in conducting clinical trials.

Whether you realize it or not, clinical trials play an important role in public health. There have been no new drugs developed to treat lupus in more than 40 years. The only way to test up and coming drugs is through clinical trials, where everyday folks, like you, agree to participate in a medically controlled setting to see what drugs may work.

During this chat, you’ll learn: how to evaluate a study; questions to ask before you participate; your rights as a participant; and much more. The LFA intends to increase its clinical trials content on the Website over the next year. So you’ll want to check back often.

We hope you can join us for today’s Webchat. Until next time.

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