May 31, 2013

Join the Fight to End Lupus Now

Lupus Awareness Month may be coming to a close, but our efforts continue year-round. We cannot do it alone. Stay involved with the Lupus Foundation of America. Find your nearest Chapter, join us for the National Lupus Advocacy Summit, join a Walk, add your Voice and sign the petition to Congress.

Today, people with lupus are leading healthier lives and living longer than at any time in history. Improvements in diagnosis, a greater understanding of how medications can work together to control symptoms, and increased knowledge of the effects of the disease have allowed better management of lupus over time.

As hard as it is to live with lupus, you play an important role. Thanks to progress fueled by people like you, we can share new hope for solving the cruel mystery of lupus and ending its devastating effects on millions of lives. Help continue the momentum and support our ongoing awareness, research, and education initiatives. Please give today.

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