February 25, 2013

Solving the Cruel Mystery, One City at a Time: Dallas

By Tessie Holloway, Lupus Foundation of America, North Texas Chapter, President & CEO

Just two weeks ago the Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery™ National Tour rolled into the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex areaThe theme “Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery” helped increase public awareness of lupus and shed light on the brutal impact of lupus. Our Chapter had the opportunity to connect with new individuals seeking answers and support and talk with so many people who have been touched by the disease.

We began the tour at Hulen Mall in Fort Worth, made two stops in Arlington, continued to South Dallas, North Dallas, and ended near downtown Dallas, site of two education programs that were held for local physicians and lupus patients. People came to visit the “purple bus” from many corners of North Texas and as far as El Paso, such is the case of Debbie Hipolito and her family who drove more than 10 hours to meet others with lupus and to learn about our awareness and education campaign.

I met some amazing people who live with this chronic disease and can relate to each one of the messages displayed in the interactive bus. Those who did not know but the word “lupus” gained a deeper understanding of the seriousness and how those affected by the disease live isolated from the things many of us take for granted each day. Many more, were so glad to know the message was being delivered to the general public by our mobile billboard, the “purple bus”!, while radio and TV interviews attracted new interest from our community in support of those who suffer from lupus.

The general public was invited to demonstrate their support for people with lupus by signing a petition that asks Congress to provide more funding for lupus research and education services. It is wonderful to be part of the only national force devoted to solving the mystery of lupus, while providing caring support for those who suffer from the disease! 

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