January 05, 2012

Changes to Lighting in your Home

A change is coming to the light bulbs you will find for sale in the United States. Current incandescent light bulbs do not meet the energy efficiency standards and as a result, the phase out of general service incandescent light bulbs began January 1, 2012. The larger lighting manufacturers have developed three core types of light bulbs: Compact Fluorescent Light, Halogen, and Light-emitting Diode (LED). However, anecdotally, many people with lupus have reported more adverse reactions or flares when exposed to fluorescent lighting.

Learn more about how this lighting change may affect you and others with lupus.

Because the halogen and LED bulbs are newer technologies, we have yet to determine how they will affect people with lupus. We would like to hear from you to find out how halogen and LED bulbs may affect people with lupus. If you try these new bulbs in your home, please email advocacy@lupus.org to share whether or not they have any effect on you.


Miss Patrice said...

Thanks so much for posting this information. I will be sure to note if I notice any adverse effects.

The Singing Patient said...

i have a halogen bulb on my desk and it does not seem to bother me- AND it's very bright and easy to read by. Fluorescent lights make me see spots and in general, as lamps, are not enough light for me to see by, even if I'm NOT seeing spots. So... I use the compact fluorescents in areas where I don't spend any time- hallways. Unless things have changed recently LEDs are very expensive, so I haven't tried those yet.