December 01, 2011

15 Questions with Jana Eshaghian – Dealing with the Stress of Being a Parent with Lupus

A parent with lupus adds challenges to the already heavy demands of being a parent. Small adjustments to your lifestyle can help minimize disruptions in your children’s daily schedule and activities. You will be able to devote more quality time to your children when you receive more rest and reduce stress. This month, Jana Eshaghian will respond to questions regarding ways to address the stress of being a parent with lupus.

Submit your questions to Ms. Eshaghian by December 7. If you have a question about lupus that is not associated with this month’s topic, we invite you to submit your inquiry to our LFA Health Educators and your question will be answered as soon as possible.

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Relief with Oils, doTERRA by Jennifer said...

Hello, I am doing some research and wanted to find out if you have ever been bitten by a tick before. I'm sorry it seems like an odd question but I've read about Lupus being caused by Lyme disease in some people.