November 03, 2011

Follow Us at ACR 2011!

The Windy City in November? When faced with this trip to the huge annual event known ’round the world (really!) as “ACR,” naturally the first thought in my head is: What clothes should I pack??!

The occasion is the five-day scientific meeting of the American College of Rheumatology/ Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals (ACR/ARHP), with the opening reception at the Museum of Natural History on Saturday November 5, and the final sessions on Wednesday, November 9. Several people from the LFA national office will be going because of LFA board and committee meetings, award presentations, industry luncheon, and so forth.

But for me and my colleague, Dario (that’s Dario Dieguez, Jr., Ph.D., our Research Program Manager and All-Round Fun Person on a Trip—ask him sometime about the pickpocket incident on our train ride from DC to Philly) ,it’s all about the research. In fact, I think we have the best assignments: attend the scientific sessions and research presentations, summarize the information for LFA publications, renew friendships with the world’s foremost rheumatology clinicians and scientists, and make new contacts in the lupus field. So far, 2011 has been a historic year in the field of lupus, with the approval of the first drug ever developed specifically to treat the disease, and we expect additional exciting lupus research announcements will be made during the meeting.  We’ll also be providing updates on the results of LFA-funded research studies.

We hope you will follow along on LFA’s Facebook Page and Twitter as we bring you the very latest news in lupus science and patient care. And after the meeting, come back to the LFA Web site,, for audio podcasts with leading lupus researchers and other thought leaders in the field.

Now about that packing…

Regular readers of “Jenny’s Notebook” may recall that my last journey to Chicago was in August, for the Lupus Initiative meeting, and an especially mild weekend it was. Before that was Miami for the pediatric rheumatology meetings—you all remember the turquoise-and-white ensemble situation. And although I had believed that snow is not likely in Illinois in November, the recent day-before-Halloween snowstorm has blown that assurance sky-high! In other words, ’tis not the season or occasion for sandals and summer dresses. No. Things have to be businesslike. Two-piece suits. Shoes with heels. Stockings. And matching colors. Things need to match… Dario, I hear you laughing! Just you wait ’til I make you tote my bags….

See you in Chicago! 

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