August 12, 2011

Men and Lupus

Men and LupusThough lupus affects mostly women, lupus can and does occur in males of any age. Before puberty, approximately 1 male will develop lupus for every 3 females. In teens and adults, approximately 1 male will develop lupus for every 10 females. After age 50, approximately 1 man will develop lupus for every 8 females.

The symptoms of lupus are similar in males and females and most commonly include skin rash, extreme fatigue, and joint pain. The overall clinical course of the disease is the same in both genders, and males and females with lupus typically will be treated with the same therapies. Though there are many similarities, lupus is different in every person.

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Now that you have some resources, we want to hear from all the men out there. How has lupus affected you? Leave us a comment to tell us your story and share tips on how you cope and deal with the disease.

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Cam said...

I was diagnosed in 2008. I am now 50 years old. I have Lupus, APS, Sjogren's, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, AVN and heart disease, all from the Lupus. I am always in pain, either in my hands, my feet or hips and I am always tired, with just varying degrees of tiredness. I am not always in a flare though. I get the Malar rash and have to stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen even indoors. The biggest impact on how I can cope with this illness is my faith in Christ and my wife and daughter's support. I was recently put on Cellcept and that drug has made a huge impact in my wellbeing. I feel better now and am able to do the things I loved to do before being diagnosed, like gardening and even just mowing my lawn. :-) I am being considered for the new drug Benlysta. We shall see with my next Rheumatology visit. The medication I am on has helped me to continue working.