August 17, 2011

Guest Blog: Eduardo Xol Speaks about Balance and Lupus

Today's guest blog comes from Eduardo Xol, Walk for Lupus Now Grand Marshal.

Back in the Spring of this year, Lupus Now magazine did a cover story on my sister, Monica, and on how our family has rallied around her in light of her lupus diagnosis. The article talked about the Zen garden I started for my sister while shooting a web series last Summer. Well, almost a year later, I was able to ask my sister to take the time to work with me in completing the garden. With the help family and friends, we added a large Buddha-head water feature, a rock garden, an additional lawn area, as well as plants and trees commonly found in Asian style landscape designs.

Monica's completed Zen garden

Even before my sister was diagnosed with lupus more than ten years ago, my father would always talk to us about the importance of personal balance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This message became even more important to my sister after her diagnosis. It has become clear to my entire family that the task of maintaining balance for someone dealing with a chronic condition becomes a situation unique from others.

At the beginning of this Summer, while in the planning stages of finishing my sister’s garden, I released my first collection of original music in almost ten years. My sister had been diagnosed with lupus shortly before my work on this record. I asked my sister to assist me on the project, and she did by writing and performing on a few of the pieces. The project is called equilibrio, which means “balance” in Spanish. Appropriate right? It’s a combination of lounge, ethnic, electronic and meditative music meant to assist the listener in reaching a state of balanced relaxation. One of the pieces, “Terrestrial Anthem”, one of my most important musical compositions to date, was co-written Monica and also features her vocals. To purchase equilibrio, please visit my online store.

As I complete my ambassadorship with the LFA this year and prepare for the Walk in Los Angeles, I ask all of you, whether you have been diagnosed with lupus, or are a friend or family member of someone who is affected by lupus, to remember to stay balanced any way you can. Whether you are sitting in your own garden, or laying down to listen to your favorite piece of music, taking the time to find your personal balance will make your life just a little bit easier.

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Anonymous said...

Very helpful. Thank you, Eduardo!