June 22, 2011

Jenny's Notebook: Miami - Part 2

Part Two

Friday, June 3. Fascinating talk on cognitive reasoning, formal knowledge vs. experience, and how physicians make decisions in the clinic, with questions such as, Are whales more like penguins or elephants? And, how are dogs different from cats? (Got answers? Send them along and I’ll post as many as I can!)

Also, great lunchtime discussion on psychosocial issues with adolescents with rheumatic disease. All agreed on importance of teaching young people how to make their disease fit into their life. Made several contacts for upcoming Lupus Now article on adherence/compliance among adolescents.

Saturday, June 4. Shocking facts on the relationship between obesity and inflammation—did you know that a child’s future risk for obesity increases 12 percent with each hour of television time?

Our lunchtime discussion group rejected the assigned room in favor of a table on the patio, where we talked about learning and teaching in the pediatric rheumatology field. Plenty of shade from the giant umbrellas, thankfully. Gathered helpful information for fact sheets I’m writing for parents of children with lupus.

2 p.m. Back in the room for a little nap as I’m not feeling too great—scratchy throat, stuffy nose, headache. Allergies or a cold? The temperature in the meeting rooms is in the meat-locker range, while outdoors is in the mid- 80s. Such extremes can’t be healthy, can they?

Sunday, June 5. 1 p.m. Flight leaves at 3:30—time for a few errands, including an over-the-counter decongestant. A stuffed-up head is the last thing you want on an airplane.

Mid-flight, 7 p.m. Reflecting on the past few days… Spending this time among dedicated and compassionate physicians and nurses who care for our young people with immune system diseases makes me more committed than ever to our mission here at the LFA. All in all, it was a wonderful five days in Miami.

10 p.m. Home at last!

PS: Fought the cold for 10 days; feeling a lot better now. Thanks to everyone who sent kind words of welcome to the LFA blog! Next up in “Jenny’s Notebook”: Taking a look at sunblock: new labeling guidelines, what’s on my face, and more!

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