January 07, 2011

Your New Years Wishes and Resolutions

Earlier this week, we asked you to share your wishes and resolutions for 2011. Thank you for your responses! We loved reading them and we'd like to share some of the responses we received on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

Lisa B: Quitting smoking, which I have done! I gradually weened myself off them over several months, and as of Jan. 1st, I haven't smoked! :)

Sandy L.: My resolution is to take better care of myself so I can fight this awful thing that has got ahold of me. I hate having Lupus. Now its getting to where I have more bad days than good ones. I am raising my 5 year old grand daughter. I have had her since she was 8 days old. I have something to live for and I intend on living to see this babygirl graduate high school and get married and have babies of her own. I hope God grants me this wish.

Kimberly C.: To lose weight so I can be healthy and be around to take care of my son!

Ashley M: I am doing the lupus walk in June, ya that's part of my resolution cuz the past 2 years since I was diagnosed I said I didn't and for one reason or another haven't. Last year I almost went just me and my sis, so this year even if it's just me and my sis we are doing it!

Cathi C: I was finally diagnosed on December 30th. I resolve to learn all I can about this disease and do everything I can to have more good days than bad.

Yu: my wishes is for me to keep on lowering my meds doses n take less pills/day instead of taking 7-8 pills n not get a flare up again

Steph K.: To stop hiding behind the "face" of Lupus and instead to BE the "face" of Lupus. Awareness begins with courage.

Frannie van D.: Today I took 5mg prednisone for the first time in 6 years less then 7,5mg! I wish my wolf stays that sweet.

Ruby H.: Put myself first... that way the lupus will not control me...

Jessica M.: My resolution is to continue to stay strong for myself as well as those around me who are affected by Lupus. I want to volunteer more and motivate those diagnosed with Lupus because we need to stand together and stick by each other. It helps sometimes to have someone to lean on that understands your struggle. I also plan to work on eating better and controlling my temper and loving myself even more than I already do. I wanna be a better person in my community.

Riza M: This year, I want to help raise lupus awareness even more to improve the lives of patients like me. Hope for a cure helps me rise up each day and fight the battle against this illness.

Sue F: My hopes for 2011 are to have few, or no, lupus flares, and for my arthritis to calm down so I can hike this summer in Denali with my husband on our 10 year anniversary vacation!

I'm working on it!

Donna B: Better stress management thru exercise. I love to exercise, but struggle w/the NO sun thing as I am quite outdoorsy. Stress can bring on some whopping flares...and lead to adrenal fatigue. Been there, done that, not fun!
And hopefully quit smoking! o_O
If we don't take care of ourselves, we can't take care of everyone else.

Molly S.: ‎15 year old son diagnosed...I WILL raise awareness!

Headstrong with Lupus: Battle the Blues. Aka, strike down my withdrawal-promoting depression wisdom and STAY IN TOUCH WITH MY FRIENDS! They've gone out of their way to support me during this rough time, calling, texting, sending cards, stopping in at the hospital, even picking up groceries they thought I might need. These are great and indescribably valuable people - and I need to surround myself with them, thank them, tell them how important they are to me, and make sure to keep them in my life.

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Lisa A said...

I have a precious 11 yr old who was diagnosed in May 2010. She is struggling so profoundly. She has so much pain all over her body. Some days she has a hard time even walking. I will be Praying to God, God, please take away my baby girls pain. God, please restore her to perfect health. God, please protect her. My resolution is to put this in Gods hands each and every day.