December 06, 2010

2010 International Lupus Congress Videos

Every three years, the world's leading lupus clinicians and researchers gather for the International Congress on Lupus and Related Conditions. The purpose of the meeting is to present data from studies on lupus, share information, develop collaborations and plan the future direction of lupus research. The Lupus Foundation of America officials are proud to play a significant role in helping to organize, support and conduct the Congress as part of the LFA's ongoing efforts to expand research into the causes of lupus and to improve the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

During the Congress, several investigators participated in interviews with the LFA communications team to highlight the results of their studies and to share their insight into the current status and future direction of research on lupus. We are pleased to share these interviews with you and hope you find them to be helpful and enlightening. The interviews highlighted topics from quality of life to the genetics of lupus. This truly is a very exciting time in lupus research and the LFA is pleased to have played a role in helping to advance the science and medicine of lupus.

Watch the videos now.

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