June 14, 2010

Highlights from Lupus Awareness Month

It may be June but it's never too late to feature some highlights from Lupus Awareness Month 2010. Read about these wonderful lupus awareness efforts from all over the country.

Today in Montana on KULR-8
LFA, Piedmont Chapter “Sport the Color Day”
K-O Club Presents Check to LFA, Connecticut Chapter
Oklahoma City – The Pretty Party
Odessa, Texas – Battling Lupus One Day at a Time
Illinois Legislators Push for Lupus Programs

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Lupus Love said...

This month a new book called Lupus Love came out. This is the very first story of it's kind. It's a childrens book that help explains lupus to young children who may have a parent or an adult in their life suffering with Lupus. A percentage of the sales will go directly to fund lupus research. It's really really cute!!