April 05, 2010

Read the Latest in Lupus Research: Earlier Steroid Treatment In Pediatric Lupus Patients Is Related to Higher Risk of Bone Disease

Steroids are frequently used to treat moderate-to-severe lupus flares because they are highly effective and work quickly. However, steroids have many serious side effects, including potentially severe damage to joints or “osteonecrosis,” which is an interruption of the blood supply to the bone. The researchers hoped to learn whether starting steroids at a younger age is a risk factor for osteonecrosis. The results of this study suggest the possibility that steroids might contribute to a serious bone complication in some children with lupus.

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Anonymous said...

i have SLE and it's destroyed my life. Now the post re teh steriods, I have taken moderate to high doses my entire life, now 35, the teeth are hollow and break when i eat etc...have lost most but can't have implants because " they won't stay in your bones more than 5 years" so i am partily toothless. I have the bones of a 80+ year old. LOVE steriods, they are the mirace but also the problem.

NO2SHOTS said...

Good to know as my 11 year old daughter may be offered these types of meds soon and this concerns me. Thanx.

NO2SHOTS said...

I have also been bloging about my daughters struggle with this illness that she received from a vaccine last October.