April 12, 2010

Finding a Rheumatologist

Good morning everyone:

Last month, I shared a great resource with you -- prescription medication assistance programs. I received a lot of positive feedback about that, and it got me thinking. What other resources can I highlight for people who are living with lupus?

And then I realized there's a very basic one -- how does one find a rheumatologist? As you may know, the rheumatologist is recognized as the specialist who diagnoses and treats lupus. There are several ways to find a rheumatologist.


Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for any one looking for a Rheumatologist in the Cleveland area. I was diagnosed at the age of sixteen by Dr. Van Warren. He currently can be found working for University Hospitals of Cleveland. Dr.Warren is exceptional at his job and I am sure that he would be that way for who every he sees.

Anonymous said...

i am looking for one in the dallas area. i was diagnosed 10 years ago but am having many complications now and want to be sure I am being treated by the best doctor.

LFA said...

Regarding the Dallas area, check with the LFA chapter in Dallas.

LFA, North Texas Chapter - Dallas, TX
469-374-0590, Toll Free 866-205-2369

You may also want to check the link in the blog entry for the American College of Rheumatology website.

Anonymous said...

If you live in the NYC area the best place to go is the Hospital for Special Surgery.It is top ranked in Rheumatology in U.S. News and World Reports. 1.877.606.1555

ivette said...

I am looking for a Rheumatologist and Renal Specialist in the South Florida area. My daughter was diagnosed since the age of sixteen and has severe kidney involvement.

LFA said...

ivette: I would recommend you reach out to the LFA, SE FL chapter. Let me give you their contact info.

LFA, Southeast Florida Chapter - Delray Beach, FL
561-279-8606, Toll Free 800-339-0586 (within SE FL only)

Anonymous said...

Hi... I'm from Indonesia... My father just diagnosed to gave SLE and he is 56 years old... Are there any Rheumatologist you can recommend to me? The one more near to Indonesia...I dont mind if I have to travel to other country...

Please send me an email ASAP... to tabitha_novi@yahoo.com

Your help is greatly appreciate