April 30, 2010

Are You in the Band? Join us for Lupus Awareness Month

It’s estimated that 80 percent of the public know little or nothing about lupus. A shocking statistic when you consider the impact lupus has on the lives of 1.5 million Americans and more than five million people worldwide. We hope you’ll join us and Band Together for Lupus to raise awareness and educate others about lupus this May during Lupus Awareness Month.

More education and awareness of lupus can lead to earlier diagnosis, more resources to help those affected by lupus, and more dollars to fund lupus research. But we can’t do it alone; that’s why we need to work together. Just think of the impact we could make if everyone with a connection to lupus informed 10 people about the disease! Are you in the band?

Learn ways in which you can raise lupus awareness.

1 comment:

Della said...

I blog about my lupus quite frequently, intermixed with other things going on in my life. Everyday things can be more difficult for us, depending on several factors. We have to always remain conscious of what we eat, wear, and do. I hope that I can help someone else with lupus, and anyone who may know someone with lupus. It is time the world was educated about what lupus is, and what it does to us. I'm still waiting for someone to start running commercials on t.v about lupus...I think it's past time for that, too!