October 02, 2009

Guest Blogger Amanda Davenport Dishes on "Hell's Kitchen" -- Week 8

Hello. I am glad to be blogging with you once again. What an episode we had last night. Down to the final five! It had the best and worst of what can take place in the culinary world. You can see how each person expresses themselves in their food, and how a lack of concentration and no communication can ruin a service.

Let’s start with the challenge. This is one of the things that every chef enjoys doing. Creating a dish that is uniquely them and putting their skills to the test against other chefs. Ingredient by ingredient, layer after layer and the best presentation combined with the best flavors wins the day. In the end I can honestly say that I was not surprised that Ariel and Kevin were the ones that really shined. Chef Ramsay and Barbara Fairchild, of Bon Appétit magazine, had the challenge of deciding based on flavor who would get a photo shoot and their recipe printed in Bon Appétit. I don’t care who you are as a chef, you want to have a recipe in Bon Appétit. When all was said and done the choice was too difficult and both Kevin and Ariel won the challenge. I am so excited for those two. Job well done.

As for the rest of the crew they were treated to orange jumpsuits and a ride on a prison bus to enjoy a little manual labor outside of the kitchen. They enjoyed an afternoon of cleaning a stretch of highway that Hell’s Kitchen adopted.

As you saw, this was one of the worst services of the show, and that is tough to understand because this is the final FIVE. There was nobody that had a good service and Chef Ramsay, not being one to hold tongue, went off. It was a bad night for all. The guys decided to send Ariel and Suzanne up for elimination. You could see how this was going to end. Ariel made her debut on the block, but the fourth time was not a charm as Suzanne was sent packing.

Once again don't forget the "Band Together” campaign.

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