October 26, 2009

Factors That Influence Pregnancy Outcomes in Women with Lupus

Although women with lupus used to be advised to avoid getting pregnant, out of fear of complications for the mother, the baby, or both, a better understanding of the complications of lupus and improved management of lupus pregnancies have resulted in improved outcomes.

Today at least 85 percent of lupus pregnancies result in live births.

However, doctors still advise women who have active lupus kidney disease (lupus nephritis, or LN) not to get pregnant until their disease has been inactive for at least six months.

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Lupus and pregnancy said...

Lupus is often found to affect females in reproductive years. Women detected with lupus are advised to avoid pregnancy because it could lead to miscarriage. If pregnant women is detected with lupus, it can effect her kidneys and foetus. One should take proper care when conceiving and should go for regular check up.