September 25, 2009

Guest Blogger Amanda Davenport Dishes on "Hell's Kitchen" -- Week 7

This week ... thankfully there were two episodes of Hell's Kitchen. In hour one, Suzanne needs to try to find a way to work with the Blue Team, to which she was switched at the end of the last episode. The first challenge is to create three entrees out of fifteen ingredients that would be considered local to the Whistler, British Columbia area. The judges for this challenge are Olympic medalists, Sasha Cohen and Jonny Moseley who declare the Blue Team victorious.

In hour two, the six remaining contestants are presented with their black jackets and they must now work together as one team. They arrive in the kitchen for their first individual challenge, which is “Taste It, Now Make It.” They are paired up into three teams of two, and presented with one of Chef Ramsay’s signature dishes. The twosomes must recreate the dish using just the look and taste of it to guide them. In the end Dave and Suzanne are the only ones to identify the citrus juice in the sauce and they win a lunch at Gordon’s LA restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at The London West Hollywood. The losing pairs get to stay behind at the restaurant and change the dining room over to a “couple’s night” theme.

At dinner, things go from bad to worse -- between raw fish, sweat in the food, and burnt lettuce, Chef Ramsay practically has a breakdown and walks out of the building. The stunned Black Team is left to do their jobs as well as Gordon’s. When Chef Ramsay comes back, he throws Van, Ariel, and Suzanne out of the kitchen, leaving the service to be completed by Kevin, Dave, and Tennille. These three are then instructed to choose two out of the three ejected players for elimination. Sabrina got the boot in the first show and Van got kicked off in the second show.

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