September 04, 2009

Guest Blogger Amanda Davenport Dishes on "Hell's Kitchen" -- Week 5

Hello once again! As always, it is a pleasure to be blogging away with you guys. I hope you all had a chance to watch this week’s episode. How many of you didn't see that coming? I know I didn’t. I thought all was good for me after the service. I guess it goes to show that you can never be too sure as to what will happen in life. Let's get right into the show.

I loved the challenge we had with the guys this time. Every chef knows that the best tool, or instrument you can have is a good palette. I think mine is pretty good, but once you realize that the food you are tasting is not in its typical form, or at its normal temperature then all bets
are off. I was really proud of our team and how we performed. I felt good that when we got to me and we had a lead that I would be able to take it home. It was close, but the girls prevailed once again. The reward was awesome. I have never had dinner in total darkness. That
was a trip! All you can do is try to feel your way -- a fact that Gordon became privy to first hand. Sorry Gordon!

I thought service was pretty much a dead heat between the two teams. Both sides struggled but I felt we were ahead in the game for most of the evening. Suzanne had a very rough time. She was already at odds with the team and then she just melted down in service. It happens but we all tried to make the best of it. I had a good service all in all. The exception was when Suzanne tried to lay the blame for her fish on me. In the end Gordon decided that the blue team was just slightly better. We all agreed we wanted to put up Suzanne and Sabrina based on their performance for that service. As Gordon tends to do though he decided to add to the mix, and unfortunately it was me. I didn't think there was any way I would be leaving. That would not be the case.

Even though I was surprised I was not upset. You just have to prepare yourself that it can be your night to leave no matter what happens. I know that in my mind it had a lot to do with my health and that the competition was only going to get more difficult for me physically. I hated to leave, but I was looking forward to getting the rest my body so desperately needed. I learned so much from the experience and am grateful I got the opportunity. I realize that when I am healthy I can hang with anyone in a kitchen. I would do it again in a second. I felt I could have made it to the end because I was starting to get a bit of my energy back. I really wanted to prove to myself that I could win, and when I had the lupus flare I wanted to prove to the people watching that this disease has to be taken seriously. I think I was able to do that, and I hope that came across.

I am thankful to all of you that watched and for the kind words and inspiration throughout. I will continue to chat with you until the end of the show, and hope you’ll continue to watch because you never know what surprises might take place.

Also, I would love to know what you thought. Feel free to leave some comments for this entry.

Please keep watching, and as always I will keep fighting.


p.s. LFA Blog Editor here -- Check out this news clip of Amanda Davenport on Fox News.

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cupotea said...

Hello Amanda,

Now I don't want to watch the rest of the show anymore, lol. Some things just seem to be too scripted and not fair! As if he (or they) already had planned for you to leave that night.

Why ask for someone to nominate 2 people and then ask for reasons if you’re not going to go by that choice in the first place? I’m not knocking Gordon at all, it just seems unfair to the entire team’s judgment and is sort of misleading to the viewers.

But it doesn’t happen like that all the time, so I guess you’re the unfortunate victim of their little mind game for that one.

I guess it is the “shock factor” that they’re trying to play off of to get folks to stayed tuned.

Once I learned of your ailment I started routing for you more and more since I knew you had to give much more than the others to stay on top…which you were doing and starting to do more!

Last episode you displayed a lot more fight!

I think that you left too soon and that you had a shot to go up against the final competitor. You had enough skill for sure to put on a Black Jacket.

I believe that Gordon made you leave because he sensed somewhere that you were not 100 percent all the time and that Lupus may have been taken too much of a toll on you…? And when he asked if you could win Hell's Kitchen probably wanted a more direct and confident response...but who knows?

There is a lot that folks like me do not get to see due to editing before the final cut of the show.

I think that it is cool that you live and work in New York City! I’m in Staten Island which is not so far away, lol. Maybe at some point in the past when I was in the City I had some of your prepared food, ha ha!

Well Good Luck with everything and I hope you can one day beat this disease!