August 27, 2009

Guest Blogger Amanda Davenport Dishes on "Hell's Kitchen" -- Week 4

Hello. It is a pleasure to be blogging with you once again. I hope everyone enjoyed Tuesday's episode. I am glad that more of my personality came across in this episode. I am not as quiet as what has been shown to date.

I was shocked that we lost the challenge. I mean, how do you lose to the blue team when their ingredients include figs, apples, angel hair pasta, tomatoes, and haddock? All I can say is that Gordon must have had pity on them or something. This was by far the worst punishment we had to deal with. It was the one time that I flipped out. They woke us up three separate times to receive deliveries. On the third one I had enough. I was just a few days removed from the hospital and starting to get some energy back and my voice had returned and then we need to do this. Not happy!

We got two hours of sleep maybe. I could feel my body starting to regress back to exhaustion and I was starting to really ache. My lungs were paying the price for having to carrying all that stuff into the restaurant. I was carrying as much as I could load up just to get it over with as fast as possible. I paid the price for it both physically and mentally.

I guess losing the challenge helped us out in the long run. The guys were even more run down than we were. Las Vegas can do that to you. I remember thinking that I wish we had won and gone to Vegas. Then I saw the guys walk in and knew that they were worse off than we were. I think we really performed as a cohesive team that night. We looked out for each other and put out a great service. I also have worked as a fish monger, worked on the coast of France at a seafood restaurant and grew up in the Northwest and know how to cook fish. I could totally feel for Van on this night. The prep guys left a very thin piece of plastic that was undetectable unless you were the one that prepped it. It got me once and poor Van twice.

In the end we rocked the service and finally got to see what it was like to sit back and watch the guys put up two of their own. It was a tough night because I like both Robert and Andy. I think Chef Ramsay made the right choice though. It was Robert’s time to go. I hope you all tune in next week. It should be exciting. Keep watching and I will keep fighting.


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