August 11, 2009

Guest Blogger Amanda Davenport Dishes on "Hell's Kitchen" -- Week 2

Hello once again. It is awesome to be blogging with you. What can I say about this week's episode? I must admit that I was in the midst of a pretty bad lupus flare during this part of the show and my recollection was not the best. I can say that I had been in the hospital and once I got back later that day, I was determined to fight like hell to stay. Most of that was not aired but you can see I am not feeling well if you look closely at me.

I was really struggling to keep my station on point and don't remember how I was able to do it. I had a great service and you never hear my name called. Not easy when you are in the throws of an episode. We finally eliminated Lovely. She was in over her head. To nobody's surprise ... Suzanne keeps yapping.

I’ve shared another one of my favorite recipes for you below. Thanks for watching, and I will continue to keep fighting.


Amanda's Recipe: Roasted Chicken and Arugula salad with roasted pears, grapes, and goat cheese with balsamic vinaigrette

2 chicken breasts. Dust with salt and pepper, cook at 400 degrees F for 20-25 min, depending on thickness of breast; let rest.

Peel 2 pears of your choice, slice, and place on sheet and place in 350 degree F oven for about 12-15 min, until nice and soft, and a little caramelized.

Toppings for salad:
  • sliced red grapes
  • sliced tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon of goat cheese
Mix all in ingredients together and place in salad bowl. Serve with balsamic vinaigrette

For vinaigrette:
  • 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1 cup of olive oil
  • dash of honey
  • salt and pepper
Blend all ingredients in blender, except oil. Slowly drizzle oil in until combined.

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cupotea said...

Hey Amanda,

To be honest I am Van fan, I just love his personality... but as far as the girls go, I hope you make it to the top.

After checking out your Bio on the Hell’s Kitchen fan site and following some links, I learned that you have this terrible ailment. Something of which I never heard of. I know it may not mean that much coming from a stranger (or fan in this case), but I feel sorry that you have it and hope you one day beat it!

I’m a huge loose tea drinker and did a little research to see if olive leaf tea or extract may offer some help and ease the symptoms or flare ups.

There have been some studies that suggest it could help. Speaking first hand, I drink both olive leaf tea (brewed from cut leaf and whole leaf) and take extracts daily. While it is not an actual cure or preventative, it did on several occasions shorten the duration of sore throats, Acute Bronchitis which only lasted about 3 days…when normally it keeps me home for about a week, and a case of the flu. I did not take any other anti-viral or antibiotics with it.

When sick I took 5 cups a day, brewed for 15 minutes along with 3 extract capsules over a 12 hour period.

Anyway, here is the link where I found how it could help folks with Lupus: (copy and paste…info towards bottom of page)

Just figured I pass this information on to you and others on this site as a natural and safe alternative worth considering.

As another great source of information read the booked titled: “Olive Leaf Extract” by Dr. Morton Walker.

Research olive leaf extract and tea a little more to see if it could prove helpful. Hope you and the others here find some luck with it. I guess it couldn’t hurt to give it a try for a few weeks.

…And back to Hell’s Kitchen, I’m routing for you as well! I see the camera hasn’t gone to you that often when you’re in the kitchen, so maybe that’s a good thing. It rarely went to Paula last season and she almost won.