July 24, 2009

Listen to the Lupus Foundation of America on Blog TalkRadio

Good morning everyone:

Hope you're as ready for the weekend as I am. Have some plans scattered throughout, so things should be busy. I just hope it doesn't rain on any of my outdoor activities. Fingers crossed.

Let's jump into the lupus news.

Last Wednesday, LFA health educator Dawn Isherwood appeared on the Blog TalkRadio show "Conversations with Linda" to discuss lupus.

Hosted by Linda Lawson, "Conversations With Linda" is a lifestyle show "... representing all aspects of life, featuring experts from every field." Appearing on the show with Dawn was Denise Williams, who initially struggled with depression after her lupus diagnosis.

To listen to an audio recording of show, go to "Conversations with Linda" and scroll to the episode called "What You Need to Know about Lupus."

That's your lupus scoopage for the day. Have a great weekend.


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