June 05, 2009

Global Experts Gather to Tackle the Urgent and Unmet Needs of People with Lupus

This week LFA convened 70 lupus thought leaders from around the world, representing academia, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and government to address the urgent and unmet need for the development and approval of new, safe, effective, and tolerable medications for people with lupus.

Discussions lead to agreement on several key outcomes and next steps including an agreement that LFA lead a collaboration with industry representatives to share and mine data gathered from past studies to determine possible trends in drug development, and to use the collective lessons to better construct future studies of new lupus treatments.

LFA has already begun to work with various stakeholders to implement the recommended strategies outlined during the meeting. The goal is to advance the science and medicine of lupus and bring new hope to people with lupus.

Read the full alert which provides additional information about this important meeting.



you need to do more with social networking to get the message out!! and you need to meet with folks and families that are dealing with it so that "key stakeholders" can understand what we are going thru and how little action has caused this disease to continue to wreak havoc!! Lupus is so downplayed because most of us suffer in silence ... because we don't look sick or we don't act sick doesn't mean we aren't sick and dying from this disease.

LFA said...

Thanks for the note, RA/Lupus Girl. LFA does a lot with social networking and we used it to get this information out. You can find us in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Change.org, YouTube, Flickr, Wellsphere.com, Ning.com etc.