May 22, 2009

Every 30 minutes ...

Every 30 minutes ... someone is diagnosed with lupus.

And most of them will have suffered 4 or more years before receiving the diagnosis.

Awareness of lupus and its symptoms can help people seek appropriate medical evaluation, and ask the question Could I Have Lupus?, so they can receive a timely diagnosis.

You can help minimize suffering by joining the effort to raise awareness and understanding of this devastating disease.

Earlier this month, the LFA encouraged everyone to raise awareness of lupus in their own way. Have you done your part?

There is still time to participate -- Lupus Awareness Month is not over!

Today we challenge you to send awareness eCards to those who know little or nothing about lupus. Let’s see how many eCards we can send by midnight this Friday.

Raising Awareness. Your Way.

Tell us how you're helping to raise awareness about lupus. Remember ... May isn't over yet!

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