April 27, 2009

Lupus Blog Spotlight: Looney Lupie Lady

I would like to share a lupus blog with you. It is called Looney Lupie Lady.

Here's a little bit about Looney Lupie Lady ... in her own words.

"I am a Christian lady, who has been married to a wonderful man for almost 14 years. We have been blessed with 5 children. The looney part comes in where I homeschool this cat herd! The children have a suspected mitochondrial disorder, so they all have medical and learning issues. I am also working on editing my first book and E-book. I hope to start giving workshops about homeschooling in the near future."

"The lupie part comes in when I began feeling ill. I wrote it off as stress. Soon there was no getting around it; I was sick. I went for answers. It took some time and repeated trips to the doctor, but I was diagnosised with lupus on my 33rd birthday. I also found out that I have celiac disease, Reynaud’s, Sjogrens, and Mixed Connective Tissues Disease."

"So why am I here? There is no reason to reinvent the wheel! I felt the Lord wanted me to reach out to others. Share our successes and failures. I hope to review equipment and items marketed to the disabled. Find ways to save money. After all, diseases like lupus require expensive medication every day of our lives, doctor's visits, and hospitalizations."

"Let us make it each day ... walking by faith, trusting in God to provide."

If you have some time, swing by Looney Lupie Lady and say hi to her.

That's the lupus scoop from my end.

Until next time, Wick

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Heather L said...

Thank you so much for the spotlight! I wholeheartedly support the Lupus Foundation of America. Together we are stronger and can push for more effective treatments and a CURE for lupus.

God bless
Heather L