January 05, 2009

Lupus Blog Spotlight: LuAnne's Life Living with Lupus

I have a lupus blog I'd like to share with you. It is called LuAnne's Life Living with Lupus. It's written by a woman -- LuAnne -- who lives in South Carolina.

Here's a little bit about LuAnne ... in her own words.

"This is just a story about me and my life here in South Carolina. I'm a wife and mother of two young adults who are in their 20s. I am happy despite living with many chronic, sometimes painful and life threatening diseases."

If you have some time, swing by LuAnne's Life Living with Lupus and say hi to LuAnne.

That's your lupus scoop for today. Happy 2009 to everyone!

Until next time, Wick

1 comment:

LuAnne said...

Thank you so much Wick. I try to do my best when writing in my blog. I am thrilled to see my blog here on the LFA site. Happy New Year, LuAnne