September 24, 2008

Lupus Blog Spotlight: Keep Working, Girlfriend -- Women, Work, and Chronic Illness

Good morning everyone:

I would like to share a chronic illness blog with you. It is called Keep Working, Girlfriend: Women, Work, and Chronic Illness. It's co-written by 2 women -- Rosalind Joffe and Joan Friedlander -- both of whom live with a chronic illness.

Here's a little bit about Rosalind and Joan ... in their own words.

"First, we each live with chronic illness. That means we know the daily questions, the self doubt, the pain, the fatigue, and the fear.

We’ve learned how tough it can be to get out of bed each day and get a job done, whether you work for yourself or someone else, whether you make just enough to get by or your salary is fat, whether it takes a one hour commute or you never have to leave home.

We’ve experienced how difficult it can be to keep working, especially if you’re a woman living with a chronic illness.

Let’s face it. The work world is a tough place for women who are “healthy,” and it can feel impossible when you’re managing an illness, too."

If you have some time, swing by Keep Working, Girlfriend: Women, Work, and Chronic Illness and say hi to Rosalind and Joan.

That's the lupus scoop from my end.

Until next time, Wick

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