September 29, 2008

LFA Message Boards Reach Milestone; More than 2030 Registered Users Are Online

Since their launch February 8, 2008, the LFA message boards have really taken off and now claim more than 2030 registered users. The boards provide an opportunity for individuals to reach out and seek answers to questions about living and coping with lupus, as well as support one another in an understanding and caring environment. To access our message boards, go online to

Discussion categories include Recently Diagnosed with Lupus, Lupus Treatments, Men & Lupus, and Coping with Lupus. Based on user feedback, two new categories were recently added: Disability, Insurance and Social Security Issues, and Lupus in the News. In addition, people from all over the world come to LFA’s message boards, from places as far away as Romania, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Iceland, Australia, and Germany.

When you have some time, visit and read some of the threads. Or better yet, join the discussion.

You’ll understand why it’s so important that we continue to raise the public's awareness about the devastating effects of this disease.

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