August 15, 2008

Are You Interested in Participating in an SLE Quality of Life Study?

Mentioned as a possibility a few weeks back, the SLE Quality of Life Study is seeking additional participants (United States only), since the first round went so well.

UPDATE: Thanks again for your overwhelming response ... the researchers have already identified all the participants for this study.

And thanks to everyone who participated.


Chronic Chick Talk said...


spreader of love award. I've got info on my site and you can get the award here. THanks for all your great work with lupus.

Chronic Chick Talk

I am awarding you the spreader of love award

Anonymous said...

I recently started my own lupus blog and stumbled across yours. It's a great resource that I will share with others. Living with lupus can be very isolating. Thanks for being there for all of us with Lupus.