June 04, 2008

Annie & Tom’s “Race to the Altar” Ends; Their Impact Goes On

We are sorry to report that Annie and Tom did not make it through to the final round in the NBC TODAY Show’s “Race to the Altar.” Their quest to be married on the plaza outside the TODAY studios ended on June 4.

However, the impact of their efforts lives on in the increased awareness of lupus that Annie’s story provided.

The Lupus Foundation of America is very proud of Annie for sharing her story about lupus with millions of viewers. She served as an inspiration to people with lupus around the world, who were following and supporting her "race to the altar."

We thank Annie and Tom for their willingness to serve as spokespeople for this important cause and we wish them the best as they journey through life together.

On behalf of the entire lupus community, we extend our gratitude and blessings. You made all of us very proud!

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